About Us

PCS Realty Pros is a group of experienced real estate agents that also happen to be military veterans, military spouses, military dependents, and active duty military members. We know what it is like to buy or sell a home during a PCS move because we have lived it.

Our History

PCS Realty Pros was created because we know that buying and selling a home during a PCS move can be daunting. We wanted to have a group of excellent real estate agents that have also experienced a military move while also buying or selling a home. Working with a real estate agent that has the knowledge and expertise of a PCS move is invaluable, we strive to make this stressful time as easy and problem free as possible.

Our Vision

Our vision here at PCS Realty Pros is to grow our company and brand awareness so we can service all of the major military bases throughout the United States. We want to make all military families PCS moves easier and less stressful for everyone.

We are committed to hiring and training military members, veterans, and military family members to become a trusted advisor and be able to help with the difficult times many military family members face when having to move every few years. The ability to earn an income while also moving is vitally important to ensure a strong and prosperous military family unit.

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