VA Home Loan (COA) Certificate of Eligibility What is it?

Serving your country and joining the military is a pretty heavy commitment, frequent deployments, separation from loved ones and family members can be tough. With the many downsides that come when joining the military there can also be some pretty great benefits. The VA Home Loan is just one of those benefits. Today we are going to talk a little bit about the COA or better known as the Certificate of Eligibility. In short the COA is your proof that you are actually eligible for the VA Home Loan and it is something that your lender will absolutely need for you to buy a home with a VA Loan.

Who is eligible for a VA Loan? Unfortunately just because you are serving or you have served doesn’t mean you are automatically eligible for a VA home loan. Some of the eligibility requirements will include:

  • When you served in the military
  • How many days you were in the military
  • When you left the military what type of discharge did you receive

To find out more about the VA Loan and if you are eligible check out the official VA Loan website here:

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